Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buddy Reading!

I am loving the Buddy Reading station during my literacy station time!!! I have always been petrified of Buddy Reading, but the Daily 5 has helped me so much!!! I was always nervous that the kids would be talking about recess or their new shoes, but that is definitely not the case this year... yeah!!! Here are two pictures. One is the anchor chart we used in the beginning of the year. The second and third pictures are of two buddies reading together. Since they get to read anywhere in the room, they may not be able to see the anchor chart. So I took a picture of the chart, laminated it, and each student has one in their "book bags." They also use these cards to QUIETLY look for a buddy to read with. They simply hold it up to show that they are in need of a buddy. I love it so much that if my firsties finish their work early throughout the day, they are allowed to buddy read... I would have never done that other years!



  1. I really love this anchor chart and how you laminated them for your children!!! I really need to do this because I feel like my students sometimes struggle to maintain focus during buddy reading. Sometimes the buddies work out great but other times they just end up reading independently which would be fine except their not discussing their reading or checking up on each other.
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