Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tooth Fairy Letter #3!

So this time we were visited by the littlest tooth fairy of the land.  Since our printer is broken, I could not create a printable...  Here is a picture of the teeniest, tiniest tooth fairy letter....

And here is the "body" of the letter:

Hello!  I'm Teeny Tiny Tina Marie
I'm the smallest of
the tooth fairies.

I'm from a faraway land
I'm as small as a grain of sand!

I heard that while you were eating a snack
Your tooth fell out,
but it will soon come back!

It will be hard to drink and eat,
but do no worry... you look oh so neat!

I have to go.
I'll miss you so...

Teeny Tiny Tina Marie



  1. I love your idea! My (almost)7 year old had to have the dentist take out his bottom 2 due to the big boy ones coming in behind. It was a bit rough. So I wanted to do something even more special. I love the idea of a different fairy for each tooth. Thank you!

  2. How cute is that! My daughter has a wiggly tooth already, and she can't wait for it to fall out so the tooth fairy can visit her and give her a reward. Aside from this, what else can we do to make the tooth fairy visit worth remembering?

  3. love this idea and will be using it next tooth! When my daughter lost her first tooth I did the usual under the pillow thing. That night as I did the "switch", I pulled some clothes out of her dresser for school the next morning. I also pulled out a few things that were too small and left them on the floor. The next morning my daugher came in so excited that the tooth fairy tried on her clothes! Since then, I've made it a tradition and throw a few of her fancy clothes around the room! She's definately more excited about that than the money!