Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free Daily 5 (plus 1) Posters!

Every year I do work stations/centers differently. One year I had about 10 stations and the children had tons of work to be handed in (TONS of work for me too!) Another year I had about 8 stations and I rotated them with a timer.  I was concerned because they just didn’t seem as engaged as I wanted them to be. After reading the Daily 5 over the summer I decided to try it out, hoping the students would be more on task. Sure enough... it worked! I love the daily 5 and it has made my life so much easier. And the kiddos are busier and always doing something related to literacy. One of my favorite daily 5 station is my Read to Someone Station. The way the "sisters" explain how to implement it has been great! That station went from being avoided each year, to being my absolute favorite. They even get to read to someone when they finish their work early.

This is how I rotate my stations this year:

I also make a 2nd copy of the posters and keep them at each station for the kids to refer to (see below)...

You can also download the posters for free at TPT. I printed them out, glued each one to a different colored construction paper and had it laminated. Then the students rotate their names using clothespins. I hope you enjoy!!



  1. AHhhhh I love them! Thank you!! I love the Daily 5 & YOU!

  2. Allyson,

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I am nominating you for the Top Ten Blog! Come on over and check it out!


  3. Awesome posters! I've read a bit about the Daily 5 and would love to know more about it, perhaps even try it out next year. I know there's a book available, but I'm just wondering what kinds of activities you use for word work and writing. Are these kinds of activities found in the Daily 5 book? Or can you recommend others? I teach first grade as well. Thanks for your amazing ideas!