Sunday, September 21, 2014

Name Unit

We had so much fun with our Name Unit.  We learned each others' names while doing some really fun educational activities.  And of course…. they love hearing and saying their own names.  After charting their names we did a few activities...

"My Name As a Pattern" was actually done by my little pre-k daughter.  I forgot to take a picture in the classroom….

We compared and contrasted our names two different ways:
Finding someone with a shorter and longer name.
Venn Diagram

We played a game called "Guess the Name!"  I wrote each students' name on a strip of paper vertically.  I would pull the strip out so that one letter showed at a time.  The kids had to guess the name - using the class chart.  I was thinking this would be a great way to show who is the calendar helper of the day or something...

We even did a science experiment….. "Invisible Ink"
I wrote their names in milk.  The milk has to be whole milk.  Then we let it dry. The water actually evaporates and the fat is left behind.  Then we scratched a pencil on sandpaper and then smeared the graphite on the paper.  Their names magically appear!!!  A little messy on the finger, but a lot of fun.  :)

I didn't have time to do this other science experiment at school, but we did do it at home…. "Disappearing Names"
We wrote our names on coffee filters with different color magic markers.  Then we carefully dropped a few drops of water on the colors and they combined together to make a very beautiful finished piece.  
There are many, many more activities we did- I couldn't add them all here, but you can view them on TPT...


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