Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Looking for some fun, interactive Thanksgiving Themed Activities?  I am using the activities in this resource all this week and next week before thanksgiving.  We have been doing a few slides in the morning, during our morning meeting. 

What's Included:


1. Counting Feathers - They will count the feathers on the turkey and TYPE in the answer. (0-10) (11 slides)

2. Making Ten - The students will use interactive counters and ten frames to find the missing addend. They will DRAG the counters on the ten frame and TYPE the answer in the text box. (5 slides)

3. Adding with Dominoes - The students will make a number sentence using dominoes. They will DRAG the numbers to make a complete number sentence. (7 slides)

4. Fact Families with Dominoes - The students will TYPE in the complete number sentences and create fact families using dominoes. (7 slides)

5. Subtraction - The students will subtract pictures and TYPE in the answer. (3 slides)


1. Initial Letter Sort - The students will sort pictures according to initial letter sounds. They will DRAG the pictures. (3 slides)

2. Beginning Letters- The students will DRAG the letters to the beginning of each word. (5 slides)

3. Ending Sounds - The students will DRAG the letters to the end of each word (3 slides)

4. Syllables - The students will count the syllables in each word and DRAG the circle over the correct number. (3 slides)

5. Sentence Matching - The students will read each sentence and DRAG it over to the matching picture (1 slide)

6. Making a Complete Sentence - The students will DRAG words to make a complete sentence. (4 slides)

Here are some visuals....

If you want just Thanksgiving MATH ACTIVITIES, Click here

If you want just the Thanksgiving LITERACY ACTIVITIES, click here.

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