Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Non-Fiction Writing

Well, we have had 2 snow days and 2- 2 hour delays, so we are s-l-o-w-l-y getting through our nonfiction writing unit.   Since we just finished our penguin unit the class had a pretty good understanding of nonfiction books and the text features.  But we took a few days to read and review those features with an anchor chart… I had them pick cards with examples and match them to the text features.

Then they got to pick an animal to research.  I narrowed the animal choices down to dolphins, great white sharks, american alligators, and cheetahs. (I just happen to have a lot of books about these animals and I made some mini books for each student to have).  They get to underline and highlight important facts in these mini books, while taking notes in their note-taking packets.  They look so cute and grown up highlighting and note-taking!!!  I love it!

If the weather cooperates and we ever get a full school day, we will start revising our books by creating captions, glueing in photos, changing our headings, creating diagrams and writing a table of contents.

If you are interested in my Non-Fiction Writing Unit, check it out on TPT!  It has very detailed daily mini lessons, anchor chart suggestions,  minibooks, a notetaking packet, posters, templates, diagrams…. the list goes on!

Here is a text-feature poster freebie…  I plan to send one home with each student so they can refer to it when reading nonfiction books.


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