Monday, January 19, 2015

Penguin Freebie

This freebie includes three activities/lessons:
- Blubber Experiment: Using shortening, such as Crisco, the students will get to experience what it feels like to have blubber in icy cold water. They will compare their "blubber hand" to their "non-blubber hand." This includes pictures and a response sheet.

- A fiction emergent reader that reviews color word identification. 

- A nonfiction "flippy" minibook - perfect to use to help your students learn some facts about these adorable, flightless birds. No cutting and stapling required. Just fold it "hotdog way" then "hamburger way" (long way, then short way)

Click on the picture below for the Penguin Freebie!!

If you are interested in the full, 45-page penguin unit, click on the picture below.


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