Tuesday, January 13, 2015

25 Ridiculously Wonderful Books To Read WIth Kids in 2015

After finishing a "Clueless" Quiz on Buzzfeed, (haha… don't you just love their quizzes??) I came across "25 Ridiculously Wonderful Books To Read with Kids in 2015."

These look super cute!!  I can't wait to get them!  Many of them seem to have really nice messages, like Please, Mr. Panda.  Others just seem so sweet, like Oliver and Patch , A New Small Person & This is Sadie.

I'm really want to get, Zombie in Love 2+1.   Even the kids are catching the Zombie Craze… I rarely see "hot lava monster" on the playground anymore…. It's always some zombie game!  They will love this!

Has anyone heard or read any of these books?  What books do you plan to purchase in 2015?


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