Thursday, January 8, 2015

Penguin Unit… So much fun!

We started our Penguin Unit this week!  I LOVE this unit and the kids do too!  This unit usually takes about 2 weeks for us.  For some fiction fun, we have been reading a different Tacky book a day.  The kids love this kind-hearted, odd bird!  We got to work on adjectives and supporting details during this mini-unit.  We also read some nonfiction books about penguins so we can add "new learning" to our penguin anchor chart.

The blubber experiment is always a hit!

I found some really great penguin videos on national geographic kids and youtube….

I learned to always preview!! We watched a national geographic kids video and a cute little, itty bitty penguin got bit by a seal!  I thought it was the video from last year, which didn't have a bitting leopard seal… The kids were so upset!  I know it's nature, but the kids were devastated! I quickly ended that one.  I thought one of the kids were going to cry!  So to cheer them up we put on this fun dance for a quick brain break.

Next week we will be focusing more on the nonfiction side of this unit from my Penguin Unit.  
I have my Penguin Unit posted and updated on TPT.   Go on over and check it out!


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