Sunday, February 28, 2021

March Resources

BIRTHDAY logo effect. Colorful text effects in various flavors. Customize your own text here:


The kids LOVED walking through this door.  I hope to do it again this year!


This google slide resource is perfect for the primary grades in March.  It includes over 7 math activities (over 80 slides), for only $3.50!


Click here for one activity from the unit... it's a freebie!  This would be the simplest activity from unit.  


This next resource is perfect for math centers.  It includes 11 fun and engaging math activities and games.  Print, Laminate and enjoy!

I created this resource when I taught first grade and the kids LOVED it.  It can also be used for Kindergarten enrichment, or second grade remediation.  Click here or on the picture to take you to the resource in my TPT store.  

Here is the preview page:



I love this Inferencing Writing Activity.  They loved reading the clues to their friends and having them guess what they are describing.  Here are some first graders' completed work:


And finally.... how cool is this???

  Jocelyn was so excited!  

Click here to read my original post... it took a few tries to perfect it... click here.

I explain how to make this experiment to demonstrate different densities....Perfect for in-class, distance, and homeschool learners!
Click here to see how to make this:


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