Saturday, November 19, 2022

 The Great Turkey Race 

Craft and Google Slides

We read these three books every year in November.  The kids get such a kick out of the characters:  Ollie, Cassie and Wing.

My friend, Meg, DREW the characters ... Can you believe she DREW them?!?!  When I draw I need to google "how to draw a turkey for kindergarten, simple" lol.  Check out how cute they look in the hallway.  Each kid had an option to make Ollie, Cassie, or Wing.  We have not done this craft yet, but every time we walk by her class on the way to lunch, my class always asks, "When are we making those?!?" 

 I keep telling Meg that the running puffs of smoke look like farts... what do you think?  'Leave your opinion in the comments.  HAHAH 😛

Head over to her TPT store to find out more about this craft:  The Suchoboky Store

💻Great Turkey Race - Digital Slides

Last year I created these google slides to go with the book The Great Turkey Race.  I didn't think that with Covid being "over" that I would ever use Google Slides again.  There are a few that I go back to, that I did not expect to... The Great Turkey Race being one of them.  

Click here or on any of the pictures to take you to this digital resource.


Monday, November 14, 2022

 My good friend just started a new TPT store.  Go check it out.  She is super creative and such an artist.  Here are some of her products.  I am in love with the Great Turkey Race craft... my class had so much fun picking their favorite turkey.  

Here is the link to her store :The Suchoboky Store

Click the pictures below to take you to The Great Turkey Race craft on my friend's TPT page.  


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tops and Bottoms


Isn't this book just the cutest?  I created some google slide activities to go with it.  All the slides are geared towards building their comprehension (sequencing, comprehension quick check, character traits, using evidence, favorite part, cause and effect, opinion writing, text to self connections, and vegetable sorting)  

Click here to take you to my resource:

Here are some sample pics of the slides I created...

This is an amazing tool to have when planting seeds (TIP:  carrots take a long time to grow big, so do what I did... buy a carrot at the grocery store and throw it in towards the end! :). )

This is similar to the one I have on amazon.  Click on the product to bring you to the amazon link:

HSP Nature Toys Root-Vue Farm Multicolor, 16 Inch

Here are some more that I would think about purchasing for the classroom:

Thten 3 Pack Potato Grow Bags, Plant Grow Bags 7 Gallon Heavy Duty Thickened Growing Bags Planting Pots Container Garden V...

And this:


and I'm totally getting this.... so cool!




Sunday, February 28, 2021

March Resources

BIRTHDAY logo effect. Colorful text effects in various flavors. Customize your own text here:


The kids LOVED walking through this door.  I hope to do it again this year!


This google slide resource is perfect for the primary grades in March.  It includes over 7 math activities (over 80 slides), for only $3.50!


Click here for one activity from the unit... it's a freebie!  This would be the simplest activity from unit.  


This next resource is perfect for math centers.  It includes 11 fun and engaging math activities and games.  Print, Laminate and enjoy!

I created this resource when I taught first grade and the kids LOVED it.  It can also be used for Kindergarten enrichment, or second grade remediation.  Click here or on the picture to take you to the resource in my TPT store.  

Here is the preview page:



I love this Inferencing Writing Activity.  They loved reading the clues to their friends and having them guess what they are describing.  Here are some first graders' completed work:


And finally.... how cool is this???

  Jocelyn was so excited!  

Click here to read my original post... it took a few tries to perfect it... click here.

I explain how to make this experiment to demonstrate different densities....Perfect for in-class, distance, and homeschool learners!
Click here to see how to make this:


 The Snowy Day.... Does anyone not love this book?  This is probably my favorite book to read to my class.   I can't let those distance learners miss out on this amazing book.   There is so much missing when you are not in the classroom... the conversations, the teachable moments, hope is that this resource helps you during these times!

Have a fun with a  snowy day!



Sunday, January 24, 2021

 Hip! Hip! Hooray!  It's the 100th Day!

This is by far one of the most favorite days in a Kindergartener's life!  They get so excited for this big day.  We are lucky enough to be fully in school learning this year and I plan to use these digital activities in the classroom.    I hope that they are helpful for those teaching and learning virtually as well.  They are made with Google Slides and you can pick and choose which slides you want for your particular students. For example, on the slide that I have them count by 5's and 10's, I gave you 2 options: type in the answers OR drag the correct numbers... Some teachers and students like to drag their answers, and some like to type.  What is your preference?  

click the short video below to check out what is included:

This unit includes 14 different literacy and math activities:

Click on any pictures above to take you to my TPT store.  

Happy 100th Day!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Looking for some fun, interactive Thanksgiving Themed Activities?  I am using the activities in this resource all this week and next week before thanksgiving.  We have been doing a few slides in the morning, during our morning meeting. 

What's Included:


1. Counting Feathers - They will count the feathers on the turkey and TYPE in the answer. (0-10) (11 slides)

2. Making Ten - The students will use interactive counters and ten frames to find the missing addend. They will DRAG the counters on the ten frame and TYPE the answer in the text box. (5 slides)

3. Adding with Dominoes - The students will make a number sentence using dominoes. They will DRAG the numbers to make a complete number sentence. (7 slides)

4. Fact Families with Dominoes - The students will TYPE in the complete number sentences and create fact families using dominoes. (7 slides)

5. Subtraction - The students will subtract pictures and TYPE in the answer. (3 slides)


1. Initial Letter Sort - The students will sort pictures according to initial letter sounds. They will DRAG the pictures. (3 slides)

2. Beginning Letters- The students will DRAG the letters to the beginning of each word. (5 slides)

3. Ending Sounds - The students will DRAG the letters to the end of each word (3 slides)

4. Syllables - The students will count the syllables in each word and DRAG the circle over the correct number. (3 slides)

5. Sentence Matching - The students will read each sentence and DRAG it over to the matching picture (1 slide)

6. Making a Complete Sentence - The students will DRAG words to make a complete sentence. (4 slides)

Here are some visuals....

If you want just Thanksgiving MATH ACTIVITIES, Click here

If you want just the Thanksgiving LITERACY ACTIVITIES, click here.

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